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About Bishrampur

Bishrampur is one of the important towns in Palamu District of Jharkhand state. It is headquarter city of Bishrampur block, which is one of the 10 administrative blocks of Palamu district. Besides, it is also a Vidhan Sabha constituency. The town is also not located very far away from main city of Medininagar. All these factors make Bishrampur town a critically important town of Palamu district. Below is complete and comprehensive information about this important town, where you’ll be acquainted with its medieval history, but more importantly you’ll come to know about prevailing economic and social condition in the town.

About Bishrampur

History of Bishrampur

History of Bishrampur dates back to medieval era, when entire Palamu region was under the rule of small tribal kingdoms. It saw the rule of Kharwars, Oraons and Cheros. These three tribal dynasties left a huge impact on entire Palamu region. All the tribal rituals that are practiced here even today are actually legacy of these great tribal dynasties. And if anyone wants to witness even more symbolic proof of Bishrampur’s and Palamu region’s tryst with tribal kingdom, then can visit historic Palamu fort. This fort is located very near to main city of Medininagar. The first major challenge to these small trivbal kingdomes came from Mughals, but it was Britishers who put final curtain over Palamu’s tribal era.

Economy of Bishrampur

Bishrampur has a very underdeveloped economy and like all underdeveloped economy it also largely depends on agricultural sector for its sustenance. Hence almost half of working population’s livelihood comes from local agrarian economy. The other half of working population is mainly dependent on other important sectors like local forest industry and minuscule service sector for its sustenance. Speaking about industrial sector, then industrial sector plays a very peripheral role in Bishrampur’s local economy. To put it more simple words, Bishrampur region simply does not have many industries to boost. Owing to dismal scenario of local industrial sector, significant numbers of locals here are employed in factories and plants operating around Medininagar town. Medininagar town does have pretty big industrial area, where labourers from far across villages and town come to seek employment.

Healthcare Service in Bishrampur

Healthcare services in Bishrampu
Healthcare Services

With just handful of hospitals operating in Bishrampur region, its healthcare scenario can only be described as pretty unpleasant. And as such patients of Bishrampur region were always dependent on hospitals of other well developed towns like Ranchi, Medininagar, Bokaro etc for reliable treatment. It is very highly unlikely that this situation will change in near future. However, one can at least expect one or two well equipped hospitals in distant future. Until then though Bishrampur's local patient will have to keep flocking to other cities for quality treatment. Coming to basic services, then Bishrampur town does have just about decent numbers of chemist shops and clinics. Needless to say, for a small town like Bishrampur even this decent presence is major boon for its local patients.

Transportation in Bishrampur

Transportation services in Bishrampur can be described as mediocre at best. All it has is decent number of auto rickshaws and that’s about it. The town does not even have its own railway station. However, it is located very close to Garwa Road Junction, which is one of the important junctions of Jharkhand state. Many important long distance and passenger trains halt here on daily basis. To tell you more about it, it is directly connected to following important cities: Hatia, Ranchi, Howrah, Barkakana, Jabalpur, Jammu Tawi, Tatanagar, Patna, Bareilly, Singrauli, Ajmer, Varanasi, Ajmer, New Delhi, Sambalpur and Bhopal. It goes without saying that Garwa Road Junction holds immense importance for people of Bishrampur. Everyday thousands of Bishrampur’s citizens flock to Garwa Road to travel to far across cities and towns of our country.

Banks in Bishrampur

Reputed banks are still to make any deep inroads in this town. Currently there are just one or two reputed banks operating here. Owing to their minimal presence, small micro finance institutions and local cooperative banks have come to enjoy more dominating role here. Substantial number of locals residing here are very much dependent on them for availing credit/loan and making savings. Although all these small banks and micro finance institutions are proving to be handy options for big banks, but this town still needs more presence of full fledged and reputed banks. Because only they are capable of delivering true modern banking services and financial freedom to locals here.

State Bank Of India
Address: Bishrampur Ho, Dist Palamu, Jharkhand, Pincode , 822124
IFSC Code: SBIN0003528
Phone no: 06584-262436

Safety and Security in Bishrampur

For few decades now Bishrampur has been made to live under shadow of Naxal insurgency. Actually entire Palamu District is classified as a‘red corridor’. Zone. Red corridor is actually a jargon used for regions that are severely suffering from naxal insurgency problems. Although over the years CRPF forces and local police officials have considerably succeeded in thwarting naxal insurgencies, but unfortunately shadow naxal insurgencies continues to linger over this region even today. If we keep aside naxal problem, then no other major law and order problem is affecting this region as such. However, small and pity crimes do keep occurring every now and then, but that is duly taken care by local police station.

Bishrampur Police Station: (06584) 262278,
Superintendent of Police, Palamu: (06562) 224023
Addl Superintendent of Police:
(06562) 231591

Bishrampur at a glance

Country : India
State : Jharkhand
District : Palamu
Block : Bishrampur
Languages : Magahi, Hindi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 822124
Population: Approximately 4,487 - 2011
STD Code: 06584